I’m an engineer working in the Dev & Ops fields from both sides.

I find writing helpful in a few ways:


I learn better when I write; when something gets out to the world, whether open-source code or just text, I usually tend to treat it with higher respect and attention then I would otherwise. As a result, I find myself reading docs more carefully, making sure I know what I’m talking about. Providing better, more accurate content, with real value.


I returned many times to older posts, whether recalling how to do something, or referencing myself in a talk, another post, or even during conversation. There’s no better way to share an idea than the time you sat down to write it doing your best.


After publishing posts the community feedback helps improve where I was off, explain better when I missed and even help readers get to the bottom of stuff which is always fun.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.